His Grace is Sufficient…or is it? 

It’s one of those phrases(aka scriptures) that makes you either cringe or ponder deeper. 

Is His grace sufficient? I ask myself this ALL the time. Is His grace enough, or do I need more.  
The verse from which this comes is:

My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness
— 2 Corinthians 12:9

These are Jesus’s words. Paul is begging for the Lord to take this thorn from him and Jesus replies, My grace is enough. 

How often in life do we doubt this? How often do we doubt God? 

How often have I doubted that His grace was enough? 

(In my flesh driven mind) His grace wasn’t enough when I was being beaten and molested as a child. His grace wasn’t enough when I was being raped in college. His grace wasn’t enough when my marriage wasn’t perfect. His grace wasn’t enough when my baby was taken to heaven too soon. His grace wasn’t enough when all of my bills piled up and there was no food on the table for my kids to eat. It wasn’t enough for the times I was homeless and without a dime. His grace isn’t enough when I want something and can’t have it. It’s not enough when my family struggles to make ends meet and yet we never can. 

While some of you reading this are thinking you poor thing, others are going, Geez quit whining!

You’re both right. 

Here’s the bottom line. 

His grace was enough. 

He was always there. He was always with me. He took beauty out of the ashes of my burned up soul and gave me a life changing ministry. He showed me how he can take a story of heartache and torture and change a young girls life. His grace taught me how to be a better mother. His grace allows me to wake up each morning and start fresh. 

We always want more. We want more and we want it now. Our current culture has us hard wired to want everything right now. 

Sure, I want to be able to pay my bills on time and make ends meet and maybe even take my kids on vacation. 

BUT I know that through all of my whining and questioning and doubt, His grace is enough. He is actually using his power to make my faith stronger and make things perfect in my weakness. We all are weak. We fail. We stumble, and we get up again. His grace has carried me though the darkest times in my life. Times I would not wish on a single soul. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt His grace was sufficient then. So why then do we doubt that it is when everyday struggles appear? Each persons testimony is unique and solely theirs. 

I would ask anyone that reads this to simply ask your self, whatever stage of life you are in, 

Is His grace sufficient?