Crystal Harris, 35

Texan by birth, now residing in Nashville. Crystal is a mother, wife, author and speaker. 7 years ago she founded the Revive conference as a way to renew identity in a generation that has had it stripped away. Her story is full of grace and mercy.


Christiana Benton, 28

Christiana is a musician, writer, and advocate living in Nashville by way of New Jersey. She believes that helping people pursue creative expression and holistic well-being makes for a better world. 

You can listen to her music here:

You can read her words here:


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Sasha Park, 28

From: Nashville
Sasha is nashville native, intersectional feminist, and mozzarella stick connoisseur with a passion in community outreach. She spent ten years volunteering, working, and most importantly, growing in Rocketown’s music venue. Committed to being a woman other ladies can count on, she makes sure her “door” is open for any and all problems and topics to be tackled…together.


Tiffany Hess, 27

From: Lancaster, PA (Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee)

Tiffany has been leading worship for about ten years. She has lived in PA, IL, TX, AZ and now resides in Nashville, TN. Music is in her bones and it comes out in raw honest form.